UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 1


Addresses are one of the centerpieces of everything Blockchain. Looking at Blockchain addresses, anyone can see that it is not the most optimal for everyday payments as it is not easy for humans to read or copy.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 2


To avoid alienating users, Blockchain applications need to explain why interactions are different compared to 'traditional' applications, and which information users need to pay special attention to.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 3


With the need to do their own backups, users have a high level of responsibility, which is uncommon among other popular apps. The backup process and the responsibility that comes with it are, therefore, a significant inconvenience to users.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 4


For many people financial inclusion is an important value of Blockchain. We need to extend this inclusion further and try to make Blockchain applications more accessible to people with physical and mental disabilities by designing them to be barrier-free.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 5


As seductive as a Blockchain’s other advantages are, neither companies nor individuals are particularly keen on publishing all of their information onto a public database that can be arbitrarily read without any restrictions by one’s own government, foreign governments, family members, coworkers and business competitors.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 6


Jargon is the specific terminology associated with a particular field or area of activity. It is that jargon can have a negative impact on communication between professionals and laypeople. When niche words and phrases are used in applications that are intended for first time users, these unfamiliar words become meaningless jargon that provides no value. It clouds and complicates meaning, which is irritating and alienating to users, with potentially harmful consequences to all parties.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: 7

Your First Crypto

On-ramp and off-ramp services are a way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat money quickly and easily. They provide an essential service because they significantly lower the barrier to entry for inexperienced users. Without these services, inexperienced users would be overwhelmed with the interfaces and interactions required to buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange.

by Maximilian Blazek

UX Pitfalls of Blockchain: Intro

The UX Pitfalls of Blockchain

We are launching this article series to create a deeper awareness of the Blockchain industry's UX challenges. The series is aimed at Designers which are new to Blockchain and developers interested in furthering their understanding of the UX problems Blockchain products are facing.

by Maximilian Blazek